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  Re: Spline causing 3.8 beta 2 to crash  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 12 Feb 2023 18:43:04
Message: <63e97988$1@news.povray.org>
On 2/12/23 09:59, jr wrote:
> will there be an updated 'povr' in the near future ?  (it's been a while)

Honest answer is I don't know. Almost exactly a year ago I was pushing 
for one and then - stuff. Lately been starting to play with things again.

However, after my Ubuntu 22.04 upgrade I've still got development issues 
to sort. :-( Some of it is me just not staying current due the long 
break from heavy coding.

The Ubuntu segfault core files are now all in one directory uniquely 
named, for example. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize 
that not getting core files wasn't do any of the usual issues, but 
simply that they were not located or named as they always had been. I 
could write (rant) more on the topic, but...

The 22.04 Ubuntu upgrade itself failed for me - a first. I had to patch 
and polish to get things going at all. My guess is they'd not taken code 
developers very much into account while testing. Developer related stuff 
seemed to be the source of many issues.

My current fight is with autotools as upgraded. I cannot re-generate a 
configure script cleanly - even with unchanged source! There are 
multiple problems and the first ones looked at aren't making much sense 
to me after spending a big chunk of time on it today. I'll probably next 
try completely uninstalling / reinstalling - fingers and toes crossed. 

To do the debugging I did for this thread I had to dig up an old 
configure file for the same source. The old one from July of last year 
still worked.

It's frustrating to be dealing mostly with the development environment 
and I find myself not wanting to fight through it. But, I'll have to 
grind it out, if I want to put together and ship a povr update. We'll see.

Aside: There's also a list of little things different and annoying in 
22.04 too that I'm just living with at the moment.

> will try and patch beta.2 with the update, in the coming days, for testing.

Thanks! I'm interested in whether the fix works for v3.8b2

As you know, Christoph backed up the parser from the one I branched povr 
off for the v3.8 release. In other words, I know the parser itself is 
different than what is in povr and v4.0/master, but hopefully not in a 
way which too much changed the spline parsing...

Bill P.

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