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30 Sep 2022 21:28:35 EDT (-0400)
  Re: weird white stain with beta povray v3.8.0 (not with povray v3.7.0)  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 24 Jan 2022 08:01:33
Message: <61eea32d$1@news.povray.org>
Le 2022-01-24 à 03:05, Kenneth a écrit :
>> Alain Martel <kua### [at] videotronca> wrote:
>>> Have you tried to replace that large sphere with a sky_sphere ? Or even
>>> a simple background statement if the pigment is solid ?
>> Good suggestions. I tried both of those as a substitute for the large sphere--
>> and now there are NO bright rad-patch artifacts, in either case!
> Well, I spoke too soon. The reason I didn't see any patches-- or any rad/media
> interaction at all-- was because my sky_sphere color and emission color were
> just too dim to produce them. In my most recent test code posted earlier, use
> the sky_sphere at rgb 0.1, and try emission 1*<0.1,1.0,0.1> to see the media
> cylinders, then emission 250*<0.1,1.0,0.1> to see the bright patches again.
> So that media object being half-embedded seems to be the real problem... along
> with rad's 'media ON' switch.
> But I find it strange that the sky_sphere produces its own particular radiosity
> brightness, versus the enclosing-sphere object imparting its *variable* rad
> brightness depending on its size.
> A mystery for now.

New suggestion :
Scale your media container by <0.5, 1, 1> and move them up so that it is 
entirely above the surface. Even leave a tiny gap between it and the 

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