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  Re: POV-Ray v3.8.0-x.freetype.4  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 8 Jun 2021 23:17:48
Message: <60c032dc$1@news.povray.org>
On 6/7/21 10:22 AM, clipka wrote:
> This is pretty much the same as the alpha just published, but with the 
> new `text` handling.

Related too, to the recent developer emails...

I want to say in a public forum - what would help folks like me most is 
an official release of v3.8 more or less exactly (with fixes) as it 
stood when you went on a walk-about years back Christoph!

Why did Tor Olav back out the use of your terrific v3.8 tuple SDL 
enhancement in his vectors.inc documentation? Because, he has to write 
examples to work with v3.7 for 'most' users.

Those of us wanting to make use of the substantial improvements made in 
v3.8 had no choice - after waiting around for a long time - but to treat 
your last v3.8 commit as an effective release. I've now got a mountain 
of stuff written against your last v3.8 commit. This is what it is.

To the degree you and other core developers 'move' the eventual v3.8 
release to be some cool newer, great 'thing,' - you, Chris and whoever 
else deciding - will be screwing those of us long exploiting v3.8 
features, over. I'm now way off in the weeds with source code, scenes 
and include files written mostly against how v3.8 master has now stood 
for YEARS.

If v3.8 gets released more or less as is - especially with respect to 
the parser and vm - it will be something like what v3.7 has been for the 
next 5-10 years. It'll be the stable release 'most' people run. Some of 
my play might still be of use to the POV-Ray community working around 
such a stable v3.8 release.

Plus! I'll be motivated to work on maintenance fixes to the then newer 
v3.8 stable branch as to some degree I'll need to to keep v3.8 compiling 
too. :-)

I'm not now much motivated to play or chase any later and greater 
'official' POV-Ray releases as I was doing for a long time. I'm sorry. 
I'm old. I have ideas with which I want to play - I made the decision to 
to break on v3.8 where it stalled.

Bill P.

Aside: I say all the above actually sort of wanting the freetype 
improvements... It's cool, worthwhile work. I understand too, I'm not a 
typical user.

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