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  Re: 3.8 and text {}  
From: Dick Balaska
Date: 13 Nov 2019 09:21:44
Message: <5dcc1178$1@news.povray.org>
On 11/12/19 9:59 PM, Bald Eagle wrote:
> Dick Balaska <dic### [at] buckosoftcom> wrote:
>> I upgraded to the '268 version and noticed tonight,
>> Possible Parse Error: Text may not be displayed as expected. Please
>> refer to the user manual regarding changes in POV-Ray v3.8 and later.
>> Can someone point me to the docs for this?
> The best I could find for this so far were these:
> http://news.povray.org/povray.general/thread/%3C5c38071f%241%40news.povray.org%3E/
> https://news.povray.org/povray.beta-test/thread/%3C5c2e6746%40news.povray.org%3E/
> http://news.povray.org/povray.beta-test/thread/%3C5b17006b%241%40news.povray.org%3E/
> I remember there was a lot of stuff going on trying to fix the long-standing
> utf-8 bug.
> Maybe use that as a hook?   Check bug reports? Flyspray, git, readme, ....
> Or just stop breaking POV-Ray.   :D

Thanks much for those!
I was off minecrafting last January or I would have chimed in about 
"multiple engines with one gui". (I always wanted to wrap hgpovray with 
my gui.)

Looking at the povray source code, the solution is to change all of my 
files to

#version 3.8;

and leave my text {} objects exactly as they are.

On 11/13/19 7:05 AM, Bald Eagle wrote:>
 > Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
 >> I am not often using text, so I am probably wrong, but comparing to the
 >> wiki: http://wiki.povray.org/content/Reference:Text  I miss the double
 >> quotes. Shouldn't one write: ttf "ArialFont.ttf" "label"  ?
 > Good catch - I read right through that, as "I've been using it for 
 > makes me assume it's not the issue, and so I jump past the surface to 
 > deeper.

It is double quoted. My bad for not including the defines in my original 
snippet.  I thought it would clutter.

#declare TtRootDir="../"; // because I'm in a subdir

#declare TtCommonDir=concat(TtRootDir, "ttCommon/");
#declare ArialFont=concat(TtCommonDir, "arial.ttf");

     text {
         ttf "../ttCommon/arial.ttf"

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