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  Re: v3.8 help file update  
From: clipka
Date: 3 Nov 2018 08:59:22
Message: <5bdd9baa$1@news.povray.org>
Am 29.10.2018 um 18:34 schrieb clipka:
> Updated v3.8-alpha help file for POV-Ray for Windows now available on 
> GitHub:

> To be simply dropped into the v3.7 installation on which the v3.8-alpha 
> is piggybacking. (They don't interfere with the v3.7 help files, as the 
> file names are different.)

Well, it turns out it's not as simple as that: As an additional step, 
you have to tell Windows that the file is safe to use despite having 
been downloaded from the web.

In Windows Explorer, right-click the file, open the "Properties" dialog, 
and at the bottom of the "General" tab click on the "Unlock" button or 
checkbox ("Zulassen" in the German version).

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