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  Re: POV-Ray 3.7.1 Release Candidate 1 ready for testing  
From: clipka
Date: 25 Jun 2017 05:19:47
Message: <594f8033$1@news.povray.org>
Am 25.06.2017 um 06:31 schrieb Cousin Ricky:
> On 2017-06-23 04:17 PM (-4), clipka wrote:
>> **IMPORTANT NOTE:** In contrast to the betas, the Windows version of the
>> release candidate does NOT make any attempt to co-exist with v3.7.0. If
>> you intend to keep v3.7.0 around, make sure to back up the binaries, or
>> install v3.7.1 in a different location.
> I am an active Object Collection contributor, and I test my modules
> across different POV-Ray versions.  Some differences between v3.7.0 and
> v3.7.1 are significant enough that I wish to keep v3.7.0 around.

I think the cleanest way to accomplish this is to just back up the 3.7.0
binaries, install 3.7.1, and copy the 3.7.0 binaries back in under a
different name.

You may also need to apply your 3.7.0 `ior.inc` workaround.

> Regarding the Unix version, I did *not* take your earlier suggestion to
> run the configure script with the --prefix= parameter.  (See "Peaceful
> coexistence between 3.7.0 and 3.7.1" in p.t.tutorials.)  I understand
> this to mean that my beta installs have already been storing data where
> v3.7.0 looks for them.  (I've already noticed the changes in the user
> manual.)  Does this mean that the hack I used to keep both versions
> coexisting should continue to work?

To the best of my knowledge, the Unix beta did not install in a separate
directory (as opposed to the Windows beta), so whatever you did on Unix
to keep 3.7.0 and 3.7.1-beta separate should also work for the 3.7.1-rc
and later the 3.7.1 final.

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