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  Re: POVRay v3.7.1-beta.8 released  
From: clipka
Date: 21 May 2017 16:26:28
Message: <5921f7f4@news.povray.org>
Am 21.05.2017 um 16:34 schrieb Kenneth:
> I have a minor suggestion to make, for future Windows-installer beta releases--
> but it depends on the answer to a question: Is the additional 'editor' download
> (povwin-3.7-beta-editor) actually *different* or changed in any way, from beta
> to beta?

No, it's the very same editor DLL installer. We don't intend to do any
changes during the beta phase -- as a matter of fact, it's even
essentially the same as the 3.7.0 editor DLLs, except for some registry
key and directory names, as required to keep the beta separated from the
stable version.

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