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  Re: New semi-official development build  
From: clipka
Date: 23 Jan 2015 11:17:12
Message: <54c27408$1@news.povray.org>
Am 23.01.2015 um 09:13 schrieb Thomas de Groot:
> Thanks. Are there particular things we need to be aware of or we need to
> look for?

Under the hood, so much has changed that you'll probably want to keep an 
eye on anything suspicious.

There's one potentially breaking change: Where the parser expects a 
filename, it used to ignore (most) escape sequences; while this allowed 
the easy use of backslashes in literal filenames, it was obviously 
inconsistent and never really documented. Specifying "#version 3.71" 
will cause backslashes to be treated consistently in all string literals.

A few changes to SDL worth experimenting with:

* More realistic finish:

- Radiosity now fully supports brilliance; specify "brilliance on" in 
the global radiosity settings to activate.

- Brilliance is now taken into account not only for incoming light, but 
also for outgoing light; specify "brilliance FLOAT,FLOAT" to activate 
(set both values to same for most realistic results).

- Fresnel angle-dependent attenuation is now also available for 
highlights and diffuse; specify "fresnel on" directly in the finish 
block (another "fresnel on" is still needed in the reflection block).

* Nonlinear colour map and pigment map gradients:

- Specify "blend_mode 1" in a colour or pigment map to force linear 
interpolation regardless of assumed_gamma, which is presumed to be 
physically most realistic, and has also proven to give visually pleasing 
colour gradients.

- Specify "blend_mode 2 blend_gamma FLOAT" to force non-linear 
interpolation as if assumed_gamma was set to FLOAT (defaulting to 2.5), 
which is known to give visually pleasing brightness gradients.

- Specify "blend_mode 3 blend_gamma FLOAT" to force non-linear 
interpolation of luminance, while forcing linear interpolation of 
chromaticity, to give gradients that are visually pleasing with respect 
to both brightness and colour.

* True inverse-power-law light fading:

- Specify "fade_power FLOAT fade_distance 0" (with FLOAT=2 for physical 
realism) to have the light intensity follow a true inverse power law, 
reaching nominal intensity at a distance of 1 unit (requires #version 3.71).

A few other highlights since v3.7.0 release proper:

* Removed limit of 256 entries per blend map.
* Removed limit of 1000000 components per blob.
* Improved accuracy of media sampling in mode 3.

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