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  Severe Lightbug, probably concerned with Macros... (long post)  
From: Tim Nikias
Date: 20 Jan 2002 07:58:48
Message: <3C4ABED3.F038E200@gmx.de>
Hi there!

The code for the image was written in POV-Ray 3.1g and the image traced
expected. Now, with POV-Ray 3.5 Beta 10, running on a 1.4 GHZ Athlon
512 MB Ram on Windows 98, it does not.
I have not found any similiar bug in the bug-list, and I think this is a
new one.
I'll see if the bug also takes place in the Beta 9, to see if it has to
do with some

The image at the end shows the problem: the lighting is messed up,
though the light-
source is positioned just above the center of the chessboard. Figurines
are placed
with macros, as is the board.

Here a more detailed description:

The setup is easy:
One include file with several measurement-macros (like #macro mm(Val)
(.01*Val) #end)
One include file with several object-macros.
The way these work is simple: call the macro with some parameters like
position, color
etc, and then, unions of objects are placed using the macro, like:
#macro Place_Obj(Position,Scale,Rotation,Color)
 union{ [..] //Some objects like spheres, cylinders etc
 pigment{rgb Color}
 scale Scale
 rotate Rotation
 translate Position

The bug is as follows:
After including the files with the macros, and then placing them, the
shadows and illumination
aren't properly. The lightsource (the only one, I checked several times
using "search" for "light")
is positioned right in the middle of the chessboard, a few centimeters
As you can see in the attached image, some objects are illuminated from
below, the sides or

I don't know if this has to do with the macros (though they don't look
wrong or too complicated
to be misunderstood that easily), or the light-sources, or something of

Now, I will post the scene-file with a more detailed description in the

Tim Nikias
Homepage: http://www.digitaltwilight.de/no_lights/index.html

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