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  Re: Radiosity POV 3.6 vs. 3.7 vs. MCPov  
From: clipka
Date: 19 Jan 2009 06:05:00
Message: <web.49745e56516c009ab2c85f720@news.povray.org>
Ive <"ive### [at] lilysoftorg"> wrote:
> >> I have no explanation why the reflection in the mirror looks different
> >> in the MCPov version. And in fact it makes me quite unhappy, it looks
> >> somewhat desaturated.
> >
> > Hum... maybe max trace level issues of sorts...?
> Hmm, maybe. But shouldn't be max_trace_level of 8 be enough? It's just
> camera -> mirror -> rug. And the rug is not reflective.

Well, I don't know how MCPov handles trace level when it comes to diffuse
bounces. 'Twas just an idea anyway.

> All woods have a small amount of blurred reflection to get highlights.

The woods are not the "bad guys" - the tiles are, I think.

> I have attached a version with higher quality settings (and about 5h
> render time):

Didn't compare the shots in detail, but one thing is for sure: The weird effect
is still in there.

> And also a version where the radiosity block is just commented out (and
> no other changes are made). As expected, everything is pitch black
> except the sky and reflective parts of the scene where the sky gets
> reflected.
> I really hate it to say so, but I think there is something weird going
> on with the radiosity calculation.


Would you mind e-mailing the scene to "christoph (at) lipka-koeln (dot) de"? As
of now, it's the only scene I've seen so far that shows this effect.

Maybe you can strip it down to just the room and the tiles.

Another thought that just crossed my mind is "gamma": what if 3.7 interprets the
sky sphere differently with respect to gamma? (Then again, that would probably
look much different.)

At the moment I'm suspecting the floor to pick up light from below for some
reason. What is the floor made of, geometrically speaking?

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