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  Re: Radiosity POV 3.6 vs. 3.7 vs. MCPov  
From: Ive
Date: 18 Jan 2009 17:22:09
Message: <4973ab91$1@news.povray.org>
nemesis wrote:
> That's too beautiful a scene to be just a test. ;)  Inspired by the painting in
> the lower right, I guess?

"The Music Lesson" by Vermeer

> MCPov is the best really, specially with the sharp shadows.  3.6 seems to
> conform with this lighting as well, except for the lack of sharp shadows.  3.7
> does look too bright and a bit too flat on the table cloth and jar.
> Did you use ambient 0 for all objects?  


> BTW, I suppose 3.7 is the fastest, right?


> How about tweaking it's settings a bit to see how it comes out with
> more quality?

Doing this right now ;)


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