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  Radiosity POV 3.6 vs. 3.7 vs. MCPov  
From: Ive
Date: 18 Jan 2009 14:45:20
Message: <497386d0@news.povray.org>
Just used one of my "never finished projects" to do a "quick" compare 
between 3.6.1 and 3.7 beta30.rad1 radiosity with moderate low setting - 
at least for this kind of scene. Lit by radiosity only, coming from a 
skysphere with a high ambient value.

version 3.6:

global_settings {
   assumed_gamma 1.0
   max_trace_level 8

   pretrace_start 0.08
   pretrace_end   0.01
   count 400
   error_bound 0.75
   nearest_count 5
   low_error_factor 0.5
   recursion_limit 3

version 3.7

global_settings {
   max_trace_level 8

   pretrace_start 16/image_width
   pretrace_end    2/image_width
   count 400
   error_bound 0.75
   nearest_count 1
   low_error_factor 0.5
   recursion_limit 3

I have also attached a version rendered by MCPov 0.5 with 1000 passes.

Well, look for yourself but from what I can tell the 3.7 radiosity 
lighting looks quite strange. The floor is way too bright and other 
objects like the rug on the table, the viol and the notes on the 
virginal look totally flat. Note also this has nothing to do with the 
change in gamma handling because I have always used assumed gamma of 1.0.

Here is a link to an image I have done back in 2002 with high quality 
radiosity settings and (I guess) POV 3.5 at this time.


There is a difference in the lighting because in the 2002 scene the 3rd 
window is open but the 3 new test renders have this window draped.

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Download 'musiclesson pov 3.7 beta30 rad1.jpg' (115 KB) Download 'musiclesson pov 3.6.1.jpg' (95 KB) Download 'musiclesson mcpov 0.5 1000passes.jpg' (126 KB)

Preview of image 'musiclesson pov 3.7 beta30 rad1.jpg'
musiclesson pov 3.7 beta30 rad1.jpg

Preview of image 'musiclesson pov 3.6.1.jpg'
musiclesson pov 3.6.1.jpg

Preview of image 'musiclesson mcpov 0.5 1000passes.jpg'
musiclesson mcpov 0.5 1000passes.jpg


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