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From: Alan Kong
Subject: bug reporting
Date: 10 Jul 2002 23:32:36
Message: <fpupiu02i1198jbb38i3o06hv6is1a3uar@4ax.com>
The povray.bugreports group is for the reporting of verifiable bugs,
only. It is a moderated group, hence, improper or unverified bug
reports will not be allowed. It is not for general discussion or
feature requests.

We insist that you first post a description of the problem in
povray.general, so that others may investigate it on their own
systems. This will aid in discovering whether it is
platform-dependent, and hopefully will also uncover some work-arounds
and a possible bugfix in the subsequent discussion from those who are
familiar with the POV-Ray source code.

Are you using the latest version of POV-Ray available for your
platform? Check out http://www.povray.org/.

After a discussion in povray.general has determined that a new bug
has indeed been found you may post a properly-worded bug report in
the povray.bugreports group, making sure you include all relevant
information. Please also read the group first, to make sure it has
not already been reported.

Please do not expect a reply from the POV-Team. We are a volunteer
staff and must make efficient use of the time spent on the
development of POV-Ray.

The minimum information to include in your bug report is:

- The version number of POV-Ray you are using, such as 3.1g, 3.5,
etc. You can see this by selecting About from the Help Menu (in
POV-Ray for Windows).

- Your operating system. It is surprising how many people fail to
provide this basic piece of information. We need to know what version
of Windows, Mac, or unix variant you are running.

- Your system specs; what processor and how much memory.

- A complete description of the problem and what led up to it. It
will make it a lot easier to track down if you can include a scene
file that will enable us to duplicate the problem. Please remove
non-essential parts until you have the *minimum* scene file that will
reproduce the problem (but do include your camera and light source!).

Thank you for your help in ensuring that only verifiable and
reproduceable bugs are reported in povray.bugreports.

ako### [at] povrayorg
a k o n g <at> p o v r a y <dot> o r g

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