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From: Ken
Subject: Povray.Binaries.Utilities Files Resource List
Date: 12 Apr 1999 06:03:10
Message: <3711B463.3DC879FA@pacbell.net>
List compiled on 04-11-1999


    This is a list of utilities that are publicaly available to
 the users of Pov-Ray. The files listed here are available in the 

    I put this list together to make it easier to find what programs here are
 available for that group. This saves you from having to download the messages
 for that group and then wade through all of the announcements, comments,
 replies and requests for utilities.

    I have included the newserver link for each file. Also I provided the date
 it was posted and by who in case you would like to visit the message for more
 information and to read the replys from other users about the utilities listed

   The provided link should allow you to download the file without having to
 open the newsgroup. You may open it online with an external viewing program
 or save it to disk for later evaluation. Please keep in mind that the link
 will not take you to that message and it will only download the file that
 was attached to the original message. If you feel that you want to read the
 original message then you will need to navigate to the binaries.utilities
 newsgroup and find it as you would any other messages posted here.

   This list starts with the oldest utilities first and concludes with the
 most recently posted utilities at the bottom of the page.

 This list has been presented to you by: 

 Ken Tyler - an all around nice guy.

 I may be contacted at: tyl### [at] pacbellnet 

   If anybody out there feels that I am performing a useful service to
 the Pov-Ray community by spending the time to compile and make these
 lists available I would like to hear from you. Anybody ?

Beginning of list:

* A pov include file that will measure the length of a text string
Size 2.7k by Eric Freeman. Posted on 1-29-1998


* Digital Series v1.02a tga to avi animation file conversion program
Win 95/NT posted bt Timothy A. Grub on 01-12-1998


* Tree making utility. This program, written in Perl, will create a
povray file containing a tree object. There are no controls or options
and is a dos command line program that must be used with windows running.
The tree type that it creates has no leaves but it does make a very
tall and well formed tree suitable for many applications. The output
is variable so each tree it creates will be different each time you
execute it.

tree.pl - pearl script:

tree.exe - the executable:

You can preview a image of the files output here:

* Tga to animated gif creator. Inputs .tga file and outputs animated
gif file. By Alan McFarlane posted on 04-17-1998 There are two files
you need to download for it to work properly.



* WinAxe - a small program that will allow you to make an axe shaped
weopon or tool for Pov. Posted by Denjoir on 04-22-1998.


* UpRight a small utility that will load an image file and allow you to
output an up and right value for the camera statement. I am unable to
understand it's purpose from the description so will leave that to you
to discover for yourself.
Posted by Denjor on 05-24-1998


* AVI2MPG - a program that will convert your .avi animation files to
.mpg animation files. A freeware based program posted by aardvarko
on 05-30-1998. Size about 200k


* A centered text utility. Posted by PoD on 06-01-1998


* Cylindrical Height Field include file. Requires Tmpov a patched
version of Pov-Ray. This file will allow you to wrap a HF object
fully or partly around a cylindrical shape. Posted by Jerry Anning
on 08-29-1998.


* tga2df3 - is a small utiliy that will read .tga image files and create a
df3 binary density file for use in Povs new density file format functions.
It is especialy usefull in the media feature for controlling the shape and
density of media in special ways. Pov has a new interpolation type added to
take advantage of this function. The new interpolate syntax is interpolate
type 1 which is trilinear interpolation. The source code for this file is
attached as text to the body of the message. If you want the source you
will have to locate the message yourself.  Posted by PoD on 09-04-1998.


* Color Map - a full featured utility to make color maps for your
pigment statements. Posted by Kevin R on 09-15-1998.


* Solar Position Include file. This file calculate the suns position
for a given date, time , and place on earth. Also includes a sundial
for testing and familiarizing your self with the file.
Posted by ingo on 09-21-1998.


* Imprint - a post animation processing tool. This utility will imprint a
series of image files with your name, logo, or what ever using transperent
alpha channels for smooth blending. It is a good alternative to adding text
to your animation wihtout having to try to accuratly position your text in
the pov file and keep it oriented with the direction of the cameras look
at point. Posted by Lewis Sellers on 11-11-1998


* Pallet tool for Windows. this small utility can be added to the tools
window in the windows version of Pov. It is your basic windows type
color picking menu. When you close the app it automaticaly copies the
color you choose into the windows clipboard. You can then paste it
directly into a pigment or color map statement in the form of rgb
<1.000,1.000,1.000>. I use this when I just can't find the correct shade
or hue of color I am looking for plus it is nice to have it executed from
inside Pov-Ray instead of leaving to fire up a different program outside
of Pov. Posted by Welgan on 11-24-1998

This is a direct download from his site. It was active as of 04-10-1999


* QBasic files - A small collection of QBasic source files related to 3d.
They are mostly object generating files and a handfull of special 3d
terrain like sources. I gathered these together from several different
resources plus they have been improved upon or rewritten by me to bring
them up to date with later versions of Pov. Posted by Ken Tyler on 01-03-1999


* A small include file to generate particles. It is able to fill various
types of shapes (sphere, cone, cube, cylinder + custom volumes) You can
use any object as a particle. It includes a few sample files. Posted by
Gemelli David on 01-05-1999.


* Tree include maker. This was written as a windows front end
to a macro that genrates trees. The original macro is available
on this server in teh povray.text.scene-files posted by Giles Tran.
This little utility makes it easier to set all of the paramaters
need for the include file to word. Posted by Spider on 01-08-1999.


* RGB equivalents of wavelength colors include file. A small
include file that will return the physicaly correct color for
a given wavelength of light. Posted by Jerry Anning on 


* WinTrees 2 a second version of the last tree creator.
Adds extra functionality and has been optimized to work
better. Posted by Spider on 01-25-1999.


* Curtains include file. A simple include file to make window
curtains. Posted by Gemelli David on 02-01-1999.


* Twister include file. Creates twisted forms and has some nice
special features to experiment with. Posted by Peter Popov
on 02-01-1999.


* Frame Average utility. Will read in a series of images and return
an image tht is the avarage of each of those read in. Useful for
adding motion blur and similar effects. Posted by Peter Popov
on 02-06-1999


* Poly hedral.inc An include file that generates comon polyhedra
objects as well as tesselated poly hedra


* SoftText - a utility that produces nicely rounded and beveled
text for Povray. Posted by Rudy Velthuis on 02-2-1999.


* Digital Elevation Maps DEM's to targa converter for Pov-Ray HF's
and bump amps. Posted by Anthony Bennett on 02-26-1999.


* Mesh extrusion macro. This one is a little more difficult to explain
than the rest of the utilities. What it does is take a predfined set of
2D points and extrudes them along a predefined path to create a 3D mesh
object. Picture drawing a circle on a piece of paper. This is the shape
you define for the first part. If you could then draw a line from the
center of the circle to your nose and pull the circle off the paper you
would have a cylinder shaped object. That is the basics of this macro
file will do and it can be power tool for creating uniquely shaped
objects. File posted by Gilles Tran on 03-01-1999


The full description left by the author for this next one:

* Attached is life.zip, a method of playing Conway's life with POV-Ray,
admittedly a pointless utility, but I thought it looked sorta cool.
Posted by S.R. Hall on 03-05-1999


* The latest version of the Tree macro file is now available and contains
features which add user definable leaf types, improved control over the
structure of the tree, a small include for bark and leaf textures, added
a feature to incorporate roots at the bottom of the tree, outputs the
parsed tree to a text file, plus will return the size of the tree to
the screen when the parsing is finished so you know the scale of the
tree object for better control of the placement.
Posted by Gilles Tran on 01-01-1999.

Note: Spiders WinTrees will not work with this version but an update is
      planned in the near future.


* Blob Man include file. This was designed to make it easy to learn
how to use the inverse kinematic animation features in Moray.
Posted by peter Huoston on 04-09-1999.


End of list.

Ken Tyler


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