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  [Announcement] New POV-Ray Poster Available  
From: Ken
Date: 7 May 2003 21:18:55
Message: <3EB9B06D.6C150989@pacbell.net>
May 7, 2003   

  POV-Ray at the International Space Station

  We are pleased to announce the pending availability of our new poster,
  entitled 'Reach for the Stars'. This poster was rendered using POV-Ray
  by astronaut Mark Shuttleworth during his visit to the International
  Space Station last year. More details can be found on our poster page,
  which includes a link to a detailed 'making of', explaining how this
  all came to happen.

  For more information and ordering details please visit -


  Sales of this poster go to help support the costs of running povray.org
  and irtc.org.


  Ken Tyler - POV-Ray Technical Assistance Group

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