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  Cross-Posting Guidelines for news.povray.org  
From: Ken
Date: 19 Jan 2000 04:30:48
Message: <3889782D.B530971F@pacbell.net>
Posted January 19, 2000

Cross-Posting Guidelines for news.povray.org

What is the difference between cross-posting and multi-posting ?

CROSS-POSTING is when you post a new message to several groups on this
server at one time by adding additional groups to the message header.
This method stores one copy of the message on the server and references
this message for each group it is posted to.

MULTI-POSTING is when you post a separate message to different groups
on the news server which have the same message content. This method
has the disadvantage that it consumes more server space and is not
considered acceptable by this news servers administration.

 For the purposes of this server we ask that if you must post the same
message to more than one group that you use cross-posting as opposed
to multi-posting. We also ask that if you do find that you must cross-
post to this server that you do so with moderation. Try to find the
groups that best fit the content of your message and restrict them to
just a couple of relevant groups. Additionally if your news program
supports it use the Followup-To: header of your program to restrict
any replies to your cross-posted message to a single group. This will
help reduce the clutter on the news server and keep any discussions
of your message localized to a single group.

 An example would be if you are announcing a new Windows utility that
you think the POV-Ray community would be interested in. In this case
it would be acceptable for you to post a cross-posted message in the
povray.windows group because it is a Windows application and you might
also announce it in the povray.binaries.utilities group because your
are announcing a binary executable utility. Cross-posting additionally
to povray.text.scene-files would *NOT* be appropriate because your
announcement has no content related to that group.

  The News Server Administration will delete any messages that they
feel are excessively cross-posted without warning to discourage this
type of activity. Excessive cross-posting may be considered messages
that are posted to more than 4 groups at one time and/or they are
cross-posted to groups that have no bearing on the content of the
message that is being cross-posted. Multi-posted messages that exceed
more than 2 groups will not be tolerated at all and may also be
subject to immediate deletion.

We thank you for understanding our position in this matter.

News Admin.

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