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  Official announcement: Team Changes  
From: Ken
Date: 2 Dec 1999 21:54:28
Message: <3847305C.FA655579@pacbell.net>
Here is the current POV-Team roster. As we have added some new members recently
(and Chris Young has gone into semi-retirement), this list is being posted to
avoid any public confusion.

Team Coordinator:
  Chris Cason

POV-Team members (note: being a member does not imply being a developer) :
  Thomas Baier
  Dale Brodin
  Alexander Enzmann
  Thorsten Froehlich
  Mark Gordon
  Alan Kong
  Nathan Kopp
  Lutz Kretzschmar
  Nathan O'Brien
  Ron Parker
  Anton Raves

  Tim Wegner
  Chris Cason

Semi-retired members
  Chris Young

-- Chris Cason
   POV-Team Co-ordinator

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