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From: Dick Balaska
Subject: tteoac - Penultimate Edition
Date: 13 Jul 2020 02:18:45
Message: <5f0bfcc5$1@news.povray.org>
tteoac - Penultimate Edition


I have released another Through the Eyes of a Child.
Progress stalled in February so I thought I'd put this out.
It's *almost* done, but I just can't work on it, for now.
You might even think it looks done :) but there's 4 things left:

1) Toothbrush bit
2) decorate the bedroom. I need some furniture to help the viewer 
understand the camera rotations better.
3) The kid looks at the non-existant blanket in bed and should pull it 
up.  I wanted to play with macrame simulations for that.
4) The dog should be in the bedroom and jump up and lay down on the bed.

Rendered 50,081,587,200 of 50,081,587,200 pixels (100%)

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