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From: Dick Balaska
Subject: Tales from a RenderFarm
Date: 5 Oct 2019 00:19:00
Message: <5d9819b4$1@news.povray.org>
No new video, just words.

It's been 13 months since I worked on my video.  I got involved playing 
Minecraft. :)  Six months into that, I decided I really needed to 
upgrade my very serviceable video card from a GeForce GT 625 to a GTX 1650.

I was growing weary of Ubuntu, no, weary of Gnome - "You will take the 
GUI we give you, and you will like it".  Last week they decided I wanted 
white.  White windows, white borders, white border edges. You can't tell 
where one window ends and another begins. Good luck grabbing the 
resizing edge.  And I was tired of no system menu, what games do I have 
installed?  `ls /usr/games` is tedious.

So I did a backup and reformatted my disk as Mint 19.2.

While hand-copying everything back, I noticed tteoac-1080p.mp4, decided 
to give it a play.

Holy crap! It looks brilliant!  I never suspected that the video card 
was the issue because I could play Blu-ray discs just fine.

So now I'm setting the whole farm back up so I can build a full 1080p 
video. (I stopped building it after 2 minutes of video because it looked 
like crap).

And, I'm working on my space scene again while that runs. :)

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