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From: dick balaska
Subject: Tales from a Renderfarm
Date: 8 Sep 2018 09:07:31
Message: <5b93c993$1@news.povray.org>
If you've seen my desktop picture, you've seen the 6 bash windows
monitoring 5 servers and a client.  I need to do it this way because I
need to know if a server dies, or at least is doing something.  I like
my "Rendered 1024 of 921600 pixels (0%)"

Two of my servers are at my buddy's house and lately the VPN between our
houses has been burping occasionally.  And the new beefy i5 technically
belongs to the 6 year old and he will reboot when a video game doesn't
work right.  3 out of 5 servers need more handholding than I want.

New bsac protocol 3 revives my povray+websockets (povrayws) that I used
with qtpov.  I made a debian/ubuntu package of that and I launch and
drive it from the bsac server, which is now a proper unix service and
also a debian package.


Now if the vpn dies, the queued frames keep chugging, and if a machine
reboots he just restarts and goes. yay.

And I still keep my progress indicators (which is what I needed the
websockets for).

Finally I can get back to my animation.  I'm just about to get into
space (the caboose has separated and landed) and I want to figure out
this df3tools for some gaseous effects.

Rendered 1024 of 921600 pixels (0%)

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