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  3d animation?  
From: Leroy
Date: 26 Jun 2022 11:35:00
Message: <web.62b87b7d1009797ed35384eef712fc00@news.povray.org>
Does any body do 3d animation? The red\blue anaglyph kind.

I wrote a windows program to combine the two 2d images into the 3d anaglyph.
Really rewrote my old 'RB_3d' program at <http://leroyw.byethost15.com/>
by adding a batch run that can do animation files.

When I was about to upgrade my web site, I thought about upgrading the POV files
that comes with 'RB_3d'. While going through them I need to know just what did
I want to do.
 If I had POV make both left and right 2d images one after the other using
animation in the ini file, I have to either rewrite the batch to skip files or
use POV shells to rename the 2d image files. So I started on how POV shells
I wrote a shell program to do renaming. But I wasn't satisfied, I still had a
lot of disk space being use. A 800 frame animation would have 2400 images on
I could get rid of 2/3 of those files, if I use POV to make the 3d image from
the two 2d image already on the disk then delete the 2d images.

Now I have TWO systems to make animated Anaglyphs.

system 1 : POV makes all the left images for an animation
           POV makes all the Right images for an animation
           use RB_3d to combine images
           make animation using your favorite tools
system 2 : using animation in POV ini with my shell program
           POV makes the 3d images for an animation
           make animation using your favorite tools

Now I really have a choice. Do I?

 1:put both on my web site

 2:put system 1 only on my web site

 3:put system 2 only on my web site

 4: don't do any thing

So thanks for any feed back!

Have fun!

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