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From: Shadowbeast007
Date: 8 Apr 2022 05:35:00
Message: <web.62500182b4fba1694d9e99e1b6cb3c0c@news.povray.org>

to get smooth transitions in animations i thought about writing a macro that
changes values depending on the time in three ranges. However, I can't get a
switch statement in a macro running.
How can i let a part of code run as a macro and then define a return value?
My macro code looks like that:

#macro Soft_Transition(time,t1,t2,V1,V2,theta)
    #local a=(V2-V1)/(2*(t2-t1)*(t2-t1)*(theta-theta*theta));
    #local b=2*a*theta*(t2-t1);
        #range(t1,t1+theta*(t2-t1))//soft transition at beginning
        #range(t1+theta*(t2-t1)+0.001,t2-theta*(t2-t1))//linear center range
        #range(t2-theta*(t2-t1)+0.001,t2)//soft transition at end

Any help would really be appreciated

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