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  Re: Stars in the suns neighborhood - 3D-Anaglyph  
Date: 8 Nov 2020 16:35:01
Message: <web.5fa864551c7ddaaf9b4948ca0@news.povray.org>
Okay, I understand.

I have to make clear, the animation was a first try, not trimmed to be
scientific realistic.

The positions and the distances of the stars are real, I used the 150 NEAREST
Stars in the Database.
The size of the spheres represents more or less the brighness of the stars, but
as you can see only in 2 steps, big and small spheres.
So, for example, a big sphere here can be a 2.9 mag bright star and a small
sphere a 3.0 (the smaller mag = the brighter the star!).
The animation is from 2019 or even 2018, so I dont know the exact parameters.

So yes, it is an optical illusion, that there are groups and brighter on one
side of the sun.

But its interresting to hear that someone things about it and not only wants to
"see" this but also likes to know more details. Maybe I can relive the scripts
in the next weeks and create a more realistic one. And also write about the
exact parameters I used. But I cant promise it, much to do at the moment.

Otherwise I remember, that it was really hard to create an eye-friendly version
and a realistic one at the same time. I tried many different parameters and most
of them didnt look well. The difference of the brightness is so big that most of
the stars disappeared, so I have choosen only big and small spheres.

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