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  Re: Stars in the suns neighborhood - 3D-Anaglyph  
From: Kenneth
Date: 8 Nov 2020 14:45:05
Message: <web.5fa84a431c7ddaafd98418910@news.povray.org>

> > The Sun is centered in your animation, but is that also the case for its
> > position in the Local Group? Probably not. Does that not introduce a
> > "deformation" in the way the group is viewed from the outside?

> ...And yes, the sun ist centered only in my animation. Beside of that she is the
> center of virtually nothing. Not the Local Cloud, the Local Bubble or anything
> else.

Thomas means that if the animation rotates not around the Sun but around star
268 G. Ce instead (for example), ALL of the stars *in your animation* will
appear to be on one side of 268 G. Ce -- with a big empty space on the other
side, creating a different 'visual' deformation of the group. (Star 268 G. Ce is
at the extreme left, when the animation is at the halfway point.)

Yes, I see now that the the apparent 'deformation' of the group of LARGE stars
in the animation is a kind of optical illusion.

Question: Are the 'large' stars actually larger in real size? Or are they just
made larger for the animation because they have the labels?

There are many smaller stars in the animation, and they do appear to be
uniformly distributed in a sphere, more or less. Unfortunately, my red/green
anaglyph glasses make them very dark and hard to see.

Thanks for creating this animation, especially in 3-D.

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