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  Re: Anyone using RTR?  
From: Mr
Date: 28 Mar 2020 12:05:01
Message: <web.5e7f72ca8deb4ab96adeaecb0@news.povray.org>
"Jeff Houck" <jho### [at] northrimnet> wrote:
> I've retired and now find myself with all that "spare time" I never seemed to
> find before. I've returned to some long-shelved POV-Ray projects, including a
> render farm using Raspberry Pi's and some animation stuff. (Some of these
> projects go back 20+ years ... I've been busy.:) )
> RTR, Real Time Raytracing, has been in v3.7 but is anyone using it? The devs
> intended to keep it in POV-Ray if it proves popular. So, I'm wondering how
> popular is it with folks?
> From the user document: "Note: Currently, it is not possible to save the
> rendered RTR output to disk. We will provide this as an option if we keep RTR in
> POV-Ray."
> While both clocked and clockless animation features are possible, it seems to me
> that using RTR gives one another tool in the toolbox.
> Comments? Cheers.


Definitely one of the features I hope they will keep, but as mentioned: cross
platform consistency (win/linux/mac) is a pre requisite before we invest our
testing and development time for any feature of the blender to POV exporter.

If it is not kept, One day we will have to create a bad emulated version of it
with much degraded render quality like a bunch of command lines to temporarily
drop radiosity , drop aa... so that pov can still have a more interactive and
fast rendering mode in the interactive 3d viewport. But if I have to do that
myself, well... Honestly, it will be much worse than what it currently (almost)
is, and pov would once more look  as if it was a step behind its competition to
the blender community, while it actually performs reasonnably well.(Many of the
Uberpov / HGPOV features like blurry reflections and displacement have the same
kind of attractivity, and I'm waiting for them to be integrated into main POV
trunk before risking any attempt)

That being said, any feature is a lot of work and POV does have a lot ! Thanks
to all devs for all their efforts of which I'm well aware.

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