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  Re: Replaced animation with lower res.  
From: Chuck
Date: 7 Jul 2018 15:25:01
Message: <web.5b4112645350669b7b1d72590@news.povray.org>
dick balaska <dic### [at] buckosoftcom> wrote:
> On 07/07/2018 11:56 AM, Chuck wrote:
> >
> > Don't know if it is good practice but, if possible, I want to maintain all of
> > the information present in the original rendered frames.
> I think that is every animator's goal.
> > The originals as
> > produced by PovRay are PNGs. Then since I use VirtualDub to produce an
> > uncompressed AVI from the frame sequence I assume that all of the original bits
> > are still present (at the cost of a huge file).
> >
> > Now I use ProShow to load in the AVI file and to add music and perhaps an
> > introductory black slide. Then there are many output options: BlueRay, DVD,
> > AVCHD, MPEG-4 (1080p (full HD), 4K UHD, and others.
> >
> > There is another box that can be checked that selects either 30fps normal, high,
> > or extreme quality. The normal quality is checked. Extreme quality doubles or
> > triples the size of the output file.
> I don't know "extreme", but normal and high are standard.  High gives
> better compression and better resolution at the expense of CPU power.
> These days, I see no reason to use normal.  (High was for the original
> 720p HD.)
> >
> > SmugMug then re-encodes the file for presentation so I don't know if selecting
> > normal quality really does any good.
> >
> > There were 1268 original frames produced. VLC shows the length of the animation
> > to be 2:06 minutes which at 30 FPS could use unique 3780 frames. I recall that
> > VirtualDub created the AVI at 10 FPS so the math seems to match up.
> I see. Yes, 10 FPS is definitely choppy speed.  You can go as low as 20
> FPS (23.976 is Blu-Ray speed) and look ok.
> >
> > An interestine experiment would be to render 3780 frames and have VirtualDub
> > create an AVI to run at 30 FPS.
> That would be an interesting experiment.
> My wild guess is an 80% larger file.  3x the frames but 50% is black.
> If you are comfortable with the command line, you should try ffmpeg.
> It's pretty much the standard these days.
> >
> > If reading between the lines above leads you to the conclusion that I am a
> > neophyte to video you would be correct.
> Aren't we all.
> You seem to have a good handle on what you're doing.  That puts you
> light years ahead of (100 - ℓP)% of people.
> >
> > I set the options on SmugMug to limit the res of the download to try to keep
> > pilfering down but if it is useful I could check into creating another gallery
> > and allow a download of the "fullm as created mp4 file".
> I would be very interested in seeing your vid with a higher frame rate. :)
> >
> > Chuck
> >
> >
> >
> --
> dik
> Rendered 328976 of 330000 (99%)

The program that creates the individual PovRay files is driven by a smallish
parameter file. Owing to poor "backup hygiene" the program has been modified so
that the original parameter file no longer works. I am working on a newer
version that should be able to reproduce a reasonable look alike series of
images. When it is working again I will make a 30 FPS animation that has 30
rendered frames per second.

I created a private gallery at:


with a password of "povray" (no quotes). When the private gallery is entered it
is possible to download the original MP4 exactly as it was uploaded. The file
size is 25.1 MB. In case anyone is interested...

Since the original AVI is still available, as an experiment I will encode a new
animation with high quality set.

Using ffmpeg: No worries on using the command line. What would it replace:
VirtualDub or the ProShow encoding?


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