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  IKEA test  
From: Rushen
Date: 5 Apr 2018 02:25:00
Message: <web.5ac5bfb3a02724adcc1f4c90@news.povray.org>
Hey guys,

Been a few years since I posted anything here. Can't say that I've been busy
working with 3d, so my skills are about the same as before. :)

Anyway, I've started to study a few courses on digital graphics, if nothing else
to freshen up this forgotten hobby of mine. (But I guess the dream of working
with 3d for a living also is somewhere in the back...) Stop! I already know
POV-Ray is not the ulyimate tool for that...!

So, the idea was to make an IKEA manual as a 3d animation. Keeping it all kind
of basic.

First few scenes put together can be watched here:


First two scenes look smooth enough, but then the rest gets all jagged up (55
seconds in forexample).  I've been
using the same settings in FFMPEG: goes from png to avi, fps 25.

Put together in Windows Live Movie Maker... could that be the weak link? Or
should I not be using avi-files in the first place? (WLMM makes wmv-files

Well, any comments/ideas on this matter are, as always, heavily appreciated.

Take care!

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