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  stopping and re-starting an animation render-- questions  
From: Kenneth
Date: 9 Feb 2016 03:15:01
Message: <web.56b99ef7ee37a10a33c457550@news.povray.org>
(I'm currently using this recent POV-Ray 3.71 'development build'...
..... on my older Windows 32-bit XP machine, single-core)

I have some related questions about continuing an animation, due to different
'editor window' behavior in the 3.7xx versions than what I used to see in v3.62:

1) When using the 'Continue_Trace' option, do I also need to set
Subset_Start_Frame and Subset_End_Frame to the proper values? This might seem
obvious, but I just want to make sure, as v3.7xx now creates a 'state file' when
a render is aborted-- I initially thought that the state file might already
contain all the information needed. (The 3.7 in-built documentation doesn't
cover the 'interplay' of these various features, AFAIK.)

2) When aborting then re-starting an animation sequence, the 'preview render' is
no longer visible(!)-- the 'Show' indicator/button in the upper portion of the
GUI is now blanked out, for the remaining duration of the animation. (This
happens with or without using Continue_Trace.) I *think* this behavior extends
all the way back to the original 3.7.0 version. (Sorry to say that I haven't
done much *animation* since 3.62, or I would have noticed this before now.) Is
there something important that I'm neglecting to do? BTW, yes, the following
menu command is active:

Options / Render Window / Preserve Contents During Animation--  on

(A related question, but not as important: When using Subset_Start_Frame and
Subset_End_Frame in my INI file-- for example, specifying 50 and 250 for those
values-- and running the animation from that point, the animation 'status box'
at the lower left corner of the editor window displays 'frame 1 of 201' now, not
'frame 50 of 250'  (like it used to in POV-Ray v3.62, if I recall correctly.)
While technically correct, this behavior has confused me more than once: seeing
'frame 1' rather than 'frame 50' has caused me to abort the render in a panic!
:-O  Personally, I like the old behavior better. Is there a reason for the

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