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  Re: IK Skeleton  
From: robotguy
Date: 18 May 2012 01:45:01
Message: <web.4fb5e19bd487aa7a2ca022ce0@news.povray.org>
"trp" <trp### [at] imagicproductionscom> wrote:
> Hi Guys.
> I've been reading your discussions and you got me thinking. I have looked at
> reconstructing Blobman to use in my Alive! program. But, it occurred to me
> yesterday that it might be easier to just create a translation link file. I
> already have a stick figure I animate in Alive! I wrote the following this
> morning:

//snikt code

> As you have seen, Blobman orients each limb separately rather then chaining off
> of the proceeding limb. This include file (while quick and dirty and only
> dealing with the legs at present) accounts for that and applies my LKnee_R
> vector to Blobman's left knee adjusting for the preceeding adjustment to the
> hip. I included this file in my character and used the walk cycle from lesson 3
> of my documentation and got this:
> http://www.imagicproductions.com/Example/Animation21.gif
> It is not perfect. But, I was pleased with 2 hours of playing around. I left the
> stick figure legs in to show how it translated.
> Maybe everyone else has already thought of this. But, I'm happy to have a way to
> incorporate Blobman and POVpeople without as much work as I thought. If you
> haven't thought of it, maybe it would help with your packages.
> I should also be able to use the existing Costume Definition Files.  :)

I've been thinking about incorporating translations files between blobman and
bones.inc; it would be really nice to use work people have already done on
costumes etc.  Using the IK algorithms developed here in IK skeleton on
bones.inc should help with pose generation.  Ideally, we want to use existing
characters as much as possible and just extend the functionality.  This could go
a long way to using POVray for much more complex character animations.

I've also been thinking about having multiple skeletons associated with the same
character, with the skeleton used being chosen based on the distance from the
character to the camera as a computational shortcut.  Still haven't figured out
how that would work in bones.inc, but the idea is bubbling around in my head

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