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From: m@b
Date: 20 Feb 2022 23:32:49
Message: <621315f1$1@news.povray.org>
On 20/02/2022 7:54 pm, Kenneth wrote:
> That is really impressive-- the animation, the very complex model, and even the
> jaunty and fun music choice. That statue on top of the dome is a beauty; I guess
> that's a pre-made model that you found somewhere?

Yes - from here: 

> For the beginning of the animation, I was wondering if you chose to substitute a
> much-less complex Capitol model, just to cut down on scene parsing time. Not
> that it *looks like* a simpler one, of course.

For the overhead shot I did not render anything below roof height.

There is a low-fi version of the statue for the for the more distant 
shots. (the full version is 1 000 000 vertices, so slow to load)

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