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  Re: Anyone using RTR?  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 28 Mar 2020 00:10:13
Message: <5e7ece25$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/27/20 4:11 PM, Jeff Houck wrote:
> I've retired and now find myself with all that "spare time" I never seemed to
> find before. I've returned to some long-shelved POV-Ray projects, including a
> render farm using Raspberry Pi's and some animation stuff. (Some of these
> projects go back 20+ years ... I've been busy.:) )
> RTR, Real Time Raytracing, has been in v3.7 but is anyone using it? The devs
> intended to keep it in POV-Ray if it proves popular. So, I'm wondering how
> popular is it with folks?
>  From the user document: "Note: Currently, it is not possible to save the
> rendered RTR output to disk. We will provide this as an option if we keep RTR in
> POV-Ray."
> While both clocked and clockless animation features are possible, it seems to me
> that using RTR gives one another tool in the toolbox.
> Comments? Cheers.
It's not being used to my knowledge. A few years back perhaps, there was 
a thread discussing the feature. Mostly that it never worked anywhere 
but in the windows implementation - and was there was a bit of a shoe 
horned thing if memory serves.

Ah! There is a github issue for it:


Aside: My son gave me a Raspberry PI 4 for Christmas! Been playing with 
it on and off and plan to compile and run POV-Ray on it, but not there 
yet. I'm thinking about bulding a small cluster for regularly running 
the test cases I've collected over time.

Bill P.

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