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  Re: Does animation have any rendering benefit?  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 21 Aug 2019 05:32:54
Message: <5d5d0fc6@news.povray.org>
On 8/21/19 1:40 AM, Kima wrote:
> With animation command, povray renders a series of images at different times.
> Apart from coding sophistication, does animation need fewer resources (CPU time)
> to render the images?
> For example, imagine we move an object in 100 steps with the clock time. Is the
> rendering process different from when we render 100 individual images? Is it
> faster to render the same 100 images with the animation command, as compared
> with rendering 100 pov files?
> I mean does povray remember/cache some parts of rendering, which are not
> changing through 100 frames? Or animation is just a simple loop which triggers
> full rendering at each given time?
Others better know the exacts, but resources are not reduced(1) with 

For more information, search the newsgroups for a keyword & feature 
added as an experimental feature to uberpov called #persistent. It 
allows parts of the SDL scene to be marked as persistent frame to frame.

Bill P.

(1) - With hard disk file caching, macro caching 'maybe' sometimes 
animation a tiny bit better. The animation mechanism occasionally gets 
used to create input to follow on frames and so due this carries a 
resource benefit.

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