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  Re: Replaced animation with lower res.  
From: clipka
Date: 9 Jul 2018 10:28:51
Message: <5b437123$1@news.povray.org>
Am 08.07.2018 um 22:12 schrieb Kenneth:

> I still use VirtualDub as well, for certain videos (and follow a similar
> two-or-three-stage final encoding process as you do-- although I presently use
> Avidemux in place of your ProShow and SmugMug.) The interesting thing about
> VirtualDub-- whether for a compressed file there or an uncompressed one-- is
> that the video is saved as all keyframes, by default. My experience in playing
> back such a 1920X1080 video as-is, is that it stutters on my own computer--
> probably because that's a LOT of video information to decode on-the-fly.

My guess would be that the stuttering is not due to an excessive amount
of data to be /decoded/, but rather simply due to an excessive amount of
data to be /read/ from hard disk.

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