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  Re: IKEA test  
From: Stephen
Date: 5 Apr 2018 03:25:02
Message: <5ac5cf4e$1@news.povray.org>
On 05/04/2018 07:20, Rushen wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Been a few years since I posted anything here. Can't say that I've been busy
> working with 3d, so my skills are about the same as before. :)
> Anyway, I've started to study a few courses on digital graphics, if nothing else
> to freshen up this forgotten hobby of mine. (But I guess the dream of working
> with 3d for a living also is somewhere in the back...) Stop! I already know
> POV-Ray is not the ulyimate tool for that...!
> So, the idea was to make an IKEA manual as a 3d animation. Keeping it all kind
> of basic.
> First few scenes put together can be watched here:
> https://vimeo.com/263286279
> First two scenes look smooth enough, but then the rest gets all jagged up (55
> seconds in forexample).  I've been
> using the same settings in FFMPEG: goes from png to avi, fps 25.
> Put together in Windows Live Movie Maker... could that be the weak link? Or
> should I not be using avi-files in the first place? (WLMM makes wmv-files
> only...)
> Well, any comments/ideas on this matter are, as always, heavily appreciated.

It could be your anti-aliasing settings are too low. But I notice that 
the video starts to go jaggy when there is movement. That points to the 
encoding. Can you find the advance settings and see what codex you are 
using and any settings?

I've not used Windows Live Movie Maker but I found the earlier version 
quite limited.
I'm using Blender but that is not really suitable for just putting a 
video together. To steep a learning curve, I fear.
You could try VirtualDub. It is old but free. ;-)



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