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From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 4 Apr 2018 02:47:10
Message: <5ac474ee$1@news.povray.org>
On 3-4-2018 16:52, dick balaska wrote:
> On 04/03/2018 02:59 AM, Thomas de Groot wrote:
>> On 2-4-2018 3:21, dick balaska wrote:
>>> Elvis has left the building.
>>> My next scene, Through the Liftoff of ...
>>> http://www.buckosoft.com/tteoac/video/testRenders/ttlo-720p.mp4
>> 195km??? And still visible from the ground???
> Very small km?
> On the other side of that, I think it is 10km and hasn't even cleared 
> the strongback.
> I was worried you spacegeeks would freak out about that. :)

Just ignore them. No imagination at all. ;-)

In fact I think it is a brilliant feature. It throws people into 
confusion as they are caught by the action and forget the /reality/ of 
the playground. I was caught myself...

> In my defense, in some reality, the SpaceLoco is being carried by the 
> kid and is really no higher than an outstretched arm, 4 feet up. :)

Of course!

> The speedometer/tachometer sweep is what I used to see going from 0-100 
> mph (in 6 seconds) on my CB650sc. Other than that I didn't put a lot of 
> control into the numbers. I wasn't sure where they'd end up.  I will 
> figure out what I want those numbers to be and backport the increments 
> to fit. -- I just watched yesterday's SpaceX launch; I need to really 
> dial back the altitude and increase the speed. :)

Or not. There is a real nice feeling about going into space at a 
comfortable 40 km/h.

> Major math disaster strikes!
> So I have this 16:43 long song/movie.  I break out a scene of a couple 
> of verses, between 1 and 2 minutes, and work on that.
> The problem is, each scene can not end exactly on a frame, because I 
> support 23.976 and 30 fps, and because I was a little sloppy. Each scene 
> is +-0.5 frames off, which added up over the scenes. Even worse, in the 
> movie, I have different start times for this scene depending on frame 
> rate. :(  I am off by 0.126 seconds from where I think I am, which is 
> horrible when trying to time it to music.
> This is a cumulative problem, and I never really noticed it because most 
> music cues happen on the peak of a sin curve, so if it is off by a 
> little it's not really noticeable.  But, this scene, the countdown, 
> monitor2 on and monitor3 on all need to nail the timing.  And in this 
> scene as presented here, they do.  But, when I pasted it into the full 
> movie, it is off by 0.126 seconds and they look horrible.  Even worse, 
> this is 30 fps, and the 23.976 fps edition has a different amount of 
> off-ness. [1]
> So I have to do this scene in two different lengths. In the ini I pass
> Declare=__FPS__=30
> and adjust the duration and start time of the scene accordingly. :) :(
> And, the Thrusts and camera2/3 images are handled by Java [2] and *it* 
> needs to know the different scene durations and start times.  Just ugh.
> At least at the end of this scene, my two timelines are resynced back up.
> Math, and time, are most unforgiving mistresses.

I guess the number or grey hairs on your head are increasing (or falling 
out instead) exponentially. :-)

>> I love this scene! I thought the locomotive would travel along the 
>> tracks but this is better.
> :)
>> Well done. Cannot wait to discover the destination.
> I'm not real sure.  Do I go into space? Do I fly around the room? both?
> I cut the next scene at 2:13, which is my longest scene, and I'm not 
> sure what to do with it. :)

I am sure all will be clarified in due time. I have full confidence on 
the issue.


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