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From: dick balaska
Date: 3 Apr 2018 06:13:38
Message: <5ac353d2$1@news.povray.org>
On 04/02/2018 07:24 PM, Kenneth wrote:
> Wow! You've certainly been busy. I especially like the playful-looking smoke

Thanks. I like that too. I hadn't thought of the term "playful-looking" 
but that's a good description. It is a bug that caused it to sputter, 
but I really liked that. (I underestimated MaxThrusts).

> from the train's engine, AND the clever way you made the rocket (er, train)
> exhaust as it launches and lifts into the sky. Your animated patterned-sphere
> technique is looking better and better.

It is getting there. I think I need logarithmic curve for the 
fade-to-clear. .999 becomes .9999 becomes .99999 etc.

> Well done!

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