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  Re: tteoac-20180302  
From: dick balaska
Date: 3 Mar 2018 22:06:56
Message: <5a9b62d0$1@news.povray.org>
On 03/03/2018 02:43 AM, Thomas de Groot wrote:

> I love it. There is just that tantalising water surface we never breach. 
> I wonder what there was beyond that.

At one point, I was going to have Spongebob's island up there; a mound 
of sand and a single palm tree. (I think I'm landing on the beach after 
the space scene.) There is a leap out of the water, but, it's only 8-9 
frames and I couldn't justify it. There's also a bendy guitar note near 
there that I wanted to coincide with the leap, but couldn't get it 
right.  There's also no splash or anything, so it's hard to tell. Maybe 
I'll go back to it...

The surface was interesting. It was designed for multiple waves in 
different directions, but while testing it I liked the single wave. I 
think it's more in line with the rest of the "art".
Each frame is a pre-generated, unique, heavy, 43MB mesh that has to get 
thrown to its server. If I'd known I was going to do the single wave, I 
prolly would have gone with building it out of cylinders. -- 43MB isn't 
too bad, until you consider, 1709+2138 frames (two frame rates). I'm 
carrying 160GB of mathematically simple meshes.

> Your transitions between scenes are smart.

Thanks! My initial inspiration was "An American in Paris". Gene Kelly 
choreographed a multi-scene 20 minute single camera, single shot ballet. 
These days I am also a big fan of the Ok Go music videos (usually single 
camera, single shot).

Did you notice the haus is rescaled and moved depending on whether you 
are looking out the front of the haus or the back?  I had to break that 
for the current scene. :( The kid runs out the back of the haus heading 
for the front. I can't have the backyard and front yard simultaneously.

Getting the lighting to match between scenes was "fun".  One irksome 
thing; there is a scale change after the ReeferMagnets show, when the 
kid first starts moving again.  The lighting was perfect when I shot 
this in 4:3 for a DVD. But in 1.78, there is a lighting change visible. 
:) :(  Getting in and out of the cave was easy because I just lined it 
up at mostly black.

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