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  Re: Driving et Physics Playground  
From: Stephen
Date: 15 Aug 2014 05:15:00
Message: <53edcf94@news.povray.org>
On 15/08/2014 09:51, Jaime Vives Piqueres wrote:

>    René kindly sent me the Wings3D file, but oddly it doesn't seems
> complete: the wheel is missing. Fortunately, Poseray can import POV
> meshes, so I just made a 3DS file from there:
> http://www.ignorancia.org/en/uploads/tmp/micra_inner.3ds

Thanks, I got that and it looks just the thing. :-D

Ah! it appears in PoseRay as a right hand drive. (The way that God 
intended. :-P )

>> I would think that a couple of Poser figures would be required. One
>> for driving forward, turning left and right with a couple of
>> intermediate positions.
>    Yes, and it would be nice to have another one for going backwards...
> the typical pose of looking back with the right arm posed over the
> co-driver seat. :)  ... but for the moment, a single "driving forward"
> position will be enough.

Simple one first then. :-)

I'll probably create an animation so that there will be several meshes 
to choose from. I'll use the smallest acceptable mesh so no close ups, 
please. ;-)

Can be changed later, if required.

Any preference to gender?
I've got a Poser cat or a skellington that might be interesting.



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