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  [Fwd: Re: mpeg_encode Berkeley] linux interest  
From: Matt Giwer
Date: 20 Aug 2000 19:10:30
Message: <39A065EF.2D2DC256@ij.net>
Since it is listed on the IRTC animation help page as an encoder
here is a brute force solution. If BMRT replies to the bug report
I will post it there. 

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Subject: Re: mpeg_encode Berkeley
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 19:08:25 -0400
From: Matt Giwer <jul### [at] ijnet>
Organization: IASUTAAS Industries http://www.giwersworld.org
Newsgroups: povray.unix
References: <399F6BA2.50C94D1E@ij.net>

Matt Giwer wrote:
>         It fails to make clean. exits error 1. Anyone else?

	Error, that is failure on make all

	make all

	failure is at libpnmrw.c at line 129

	changing sys_errlist[] to _sys_errlist[] allows compile to

	However looking at stdio.h this appears to use BSD rather than
GNU so it is not the correct solution but it appears to be
working correctly as far as I can tell without having the
resources to actually create a movie as yet. The worst I expect
is an error message being "close" to the right error message in
the list. 

You know you are in real deep doo doo 
when you have ilk. 
	-- The Iron Webmaster, 40

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