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  Re: Modernize Moray  
From: sparthir
Date: 24 Apr 2020 07:55:00
Message: <web.5ea2d329c65f701947e5cef50@news.povray.org>
"qnord" <qno### [at] r3000anet> wrote:
> "simbad" <Han### [at] gmxde> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > i am interested in some sort of modeller for povray as well. Sad to say that I
> > have only very limited time to help on coding. But who knows if the source gets
> > available I may look at it :)
> >
> > Anyway I use linux for rendering, having some sort of modeller run in wine would
> > be a good thing.
> That would be very interesting. The only modellers I've used in the past were
> Lightwave 4.0 and Blender, and I found it quite difficult to get used to the
> environments there. MoRay is unique though, I feel. I haven't been able to find
> anything like that. Why not make it native for Linux too? (or at least I myself
> would be interested in providing some kind of port...)
> qnord

I agree that Moray made so much more sense.

I am still hanging out for it to be released opensource so we can hack on it to
get it up to date.  Even if it no longer was primarily for POVRay but rather
putting out STL files for 3D Printing that would be awesome.

I mean imagine raytracing your 3D object before you print it even!

I feel like since POVRay doesn't have a top quality modeller in line with it's
raytracer it has really hurt the project.  Shame because I love them both.

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