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  Re: Modernize Moray  
From: Diesel1
Date: 6 Feb 2019 16:10:00
Message: <web.5c5b4c3fc65f70199749e5160@news.povray.org>
Gregor Szaktilla <spa### [at] ktillade> wrote:
> > I am interested in your wine setup, please can you give some information?
> It's a plain and simple Slackware based setup.
> I downloaded and built wine from source (https://www.winehq.org/).
> Then I downloaded Moray 3.5 (http://www.stmuc.com/moray/) and POV 3.5
> (http://www.povray.org/ftp/pub/povray/Old-Versions/Official-3.5/)
> > gszaktilla@mimi:~>wine --version
> > wine-3.0.4
> The only thing (that I don't really miss) is that only one core of my i5
> is used. Compared to what I have been working on before (k6-2@233 MHz in
> the mid 90's) it's quite fast. I think you could imagine I'm having a
> lot of fun these days :-)

Thank you Gregor, that is interesting. I too remember my K6 with fondness! I
spent many late nights sat, in the dark, on my PC using Moray to design POV-Ray

I am in the process of setting it up now.


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