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  Re: Backdrop resolution?  
From: Lutz
Date: 30 Jan 2018 00:20:00
Message: <web.5a7000142fd1a9b9b40666f40@news.povray.org>
"Lutz" <lut### [at] stmuccom> wrote:
> > In a view pane, if you press ctrl+B you can select an image file to
> > display as a background for that pane for reference.  It's limited in
> > resolution, though, so you can't do much detail work with it.  ...I think.
> I'm not sure whether this was something you could set in the OpenGL
> Preferences... wasn't there an entry for maximum texture resolution somewhere?

Ha, turns out there's a registry setting that can be used to control this....

Create a DWORD called OpenGLBackdropSize in HKCU\Software\SoftTronics\Moray For
Windows\Modeller\Options and set it to the maximum size you want to allow for
textures. Moray ensures a power of 2. I tried with 2048 and it works fine.

- Lutz

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