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  Re: Modernize Moray  
From: Lutz
Date: 29 Jan 2018 12:55:00
Message: <web.5a6f5edec65f7019680725ff0@news.povray.org>
> My question is WHEN! is anybody going to do anything about it?
> There seems to be a lack of interest generally. This has been going on for
> years. Povray needs a good 3D modeller. Moray was that modeller.
> Why does someone simply ask the author. Lutz, what code is 3rd party.

Initially, there was an interface library called BCGWin (I think), but that has
been removed for the most part. I don't think there are any other 3rd party
libraries that we used (it's been years I checked).
I believe the biggest missing chunk at the moment is integration with POV-Ray
3.7 and beyond.

I still use Moray quite regularly for 3D printing parts design (I wrote an STL
import/export plugin) and have solved some of the other issues it had on Win 10
(mainly OpenGL glitching).

I think we will see some effort on this front shortly, I've indicated to Chris
that I'm willing to help with getting a updated version done.

- Lutz

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