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  Getting light to reflect  
From: alanr
Date: 21 Feb 2011 09:05:01
Message: <web.4d627046854023081d72ddf90@news.povray.org>
Simple scene - black/white checkered plane with a chrome cube sat on it, lit by
a spotlight just covering the cube.

Where's the light I would expect to be reflected off the cube onto the unlit
adjacent floor plane?

I got everything I can find ticked and targetted (just on thoughts that have
come from all the help files I have been reading).  Spotlight is ticked for
reflection (not sure why I did that!)  Cube is ticked for reflection and target.
 Plane is ticked for reflection and target.  And Photons are enabled in the
scene settings.  Almost everything else is at its default setting.

Yet all I get from POVs render is a chrome cube sitting on a chequered floor
casting the expected shadow, but no light is reflecting off the sides of the
cube lit by the spotlight.  The cube reflects the image of the surrounding plane
just as you would expect a chrome cube to.

Got a feeling I've missed a rather important single issue here - but I'm darned
if I can find it!!

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