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  Re: Will there be a new Version of Moray?  
From: Jens Kleen
Date: 7 Apr 2006 03:56:20
Message: <Xns979E65688A567JKleenwebde@>
"Stephen" <mca### [at] hotmailcom> wrote in

> Jens Kleen <jkl### [at] webde> wrote:
>> Hello
>> I worked with Moray several years ago. I started with
>> the DOS Version than i worked with the Windows Version.
>> Last time i bought a license was with 3.4 i think.
>> Now it is "only" 3.5...
>> And i heard there are some problems with Povray 3.6...
>> Do you think there will be a update in the future?
> We live in hope :-)
> The developer has retreated into RL. He was working on enhancing the
> mesh editing capacity of Moray. But I think that even that has slowed
> to a stop. 

> properly with PovRay 3.6 is. IIRC, that starting and stopping PovRay

> Moray and PovRay 3.5) created Pov files on PovRay 3.6. So I still use
> PovRay 3.5. 

Thanks for your answere. I "loved" Moray. But as far as i see, Moray
has no big future. What about making Moray Open Source? I think there
are enough developers out there that would like to work on Moray.

Just an idea.


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