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From: Patrick Elliott
Date: 29 Sep 2007 20:59:47
Message: <MPG.2168a2e91b38e76798a02f@news.povray.org>
In article <46fdf7e6@news.povray.org>, war### [at] tagpovrayorg says...
> Patrick Elliott <sel### [at] rraznet> wrote:
> > MS is 
> > cutting their own throat this time imho, but it might take some time fo
> > the corpse to show signs of the real necrosis.
>   Unfortunately I don't believe that's the case this time either.
>   When Windows95 hit the shelves for the first time it was a horrible,
> horrible "OS" (if it can even be called that). It was rushed half-ready
> because of deadline pressures, it was extremely heavy for the computers
> of the time, it was full of bugs, it was full of hardware problems, it
> was full of backwards compatibility problems...
>   Does this sound familiar? Yet it took but 1-2 years for Windows95 to
> become the "industry standard", even though some struggled with Windows 3
> for a few years more.
>   Windows XP was for long time vaporware, delivered very late, it was
> promised to be the next "big step" in the Windows history (equal, if not
> even larger step than the Win3 -> Win95 step), a promise which was only
> half-fulfilled (well, I would say only 1/4-fulfilled). When it hit the
> shelves it was ridiculously heavy, with ridiculous hardware requirements,
> it was very buggy, and almost all reviews recommended waiting for SP1
> before changing to it at the big scale.
>   Does this sound familiar? Yet, once again, it took 1-2 years for WinXP
> to become the "industry standard".
>   I don't see Vista being any different from this. It's ridiculously
> heavy, it's buggy, it has backwards-compatibility issues... It's the
> same story repeated once again. In 1-2 years it *will* be the "industry
> standard".
Depressing thought...

void main () {

    call functional_code()
    call crash_windows();

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