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  Re: Moray Registration Key  
From: Patrick Elliott
Date: 28 Sep 2007 16:03:09
Message: <MPG.21670bbef6077fa98a02e@news.povray.org>
In article <46fcd21d@news.povray.org>, war### [at] tagpovrayorg says...
>   I think there's something very wrong when one single company can
> dictate what a myriad of other companies must do, lest they make a
> financial suicide. That sounds illegal. Monopoly laws anyone?
Yeah, and the thing that pisses me off the most is that, if I wanted to 
play any of them, I can't play any DirectX 10 games without buying their 
crappy OS, at least until Linux people manage to use the open sourced 
drivers now available from ATI and nVidia to do the same stuff. MS is 
cutting their own throat this time imho, but it might take some time for 
the corpse to show signs of the real necrosis.

Oh, another good one. Telling it you want to use it in an "office" when 
installing automatically disables huge amounts of the multimedia 
components (if they even get installed at all). A lot of the "this won't 
work anymore" stuff seems to derive from people picking "this will be 
used in an office" instead of "as a home computer" when installing it.


void main () {

    call functional_code()
    call crash_windows();

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