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  Re: Moray 3.5 and Pov-ray 3.5 both run on Windows 11  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 26 May 2023 02:35:15
Message: <64705323@news.povray.org>
Op 26/05/2023 om 04:33 schreef Kenneth:
> I feel like I'm doing something wrong-- or NOT doing some basic additional step.
> Very frustrating. I wonder if the OP here is able to export a Moray scene
> successfully in Windows 11; he didn't mention any details.
> (BTW: I was wrong about there being no plug-ins in Moray; there ARE a few that
> are automatically loaded, although I don't see one that's specifically meant for
> exporting a scene as POV-ray SDL. Maybe it's built-in? But not functioning?)

I think it is about time to bring back the old chap from the dungeons...

["It's alive! It's alive!"]

Over the coming weekend I am going to reinstall Moray and see where I 
get. Concerning plug-ins: yes, there were the custom plug-ins that came 
with the package, and there where those written by the users, most 
written in Lua, iirc. I must have all those tucked away in that mouldy 
chest in those same dungeons... now... where is that old key...?


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