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  Re: I want do develop a povray modeler for povray based on Moray 3.5  
From: Chris Cason
Date: 20 Nov 2022 14:54:24
Message: <637a85f0@news.povray.org>
On 21/11/2022 04:35, Bald Eagle wrote:

> Chris Cason lives in the tyrannically oppressed nation of Australia:
> "Persistence of Vision Pty. Ltd., Williamstown, Victoria, Australia."
> So there may be any number of things that would be vastly more important than
> getting back to this thread topic.
> I hope he is in good health, his business and property are doing well and
> intact, and he is able to stay warm and eat this winter.
> Hopefully he will find the time to peek in and make the code available, and I
> hope it's just the usual (I was busy / distracted / I forgot) and there's
> nothing serious that has made him unable to do so.

I should have posted updates sooner than now, and for that I apologize. Yes there is
'stuff' going on here that limits my time and yes some of them are health related (I'm
60 now, so not surprising I guess) but not serious.

Status of source: after some spelunking it became clear there's multiple
considerations with re-assigning the licenses to AGPL. This is not something I can
allow to get wrong, since once it's out it's out. Honestly legal issues have worried
me for a long time and is most of the reason I haven't released it.

So: with the help of forum regular JR we have classified most of the almost 1,000
source files (yes, so ... many ... files) into a few major categories in terms of what
copyright they had, where they came from, and so forth.

With each of these classifications I need to get legal advice on exactly what needs to
be done in terms of copyright headers etc. For some we may not touch them. For some,
we can add a new header but will need to keep the old ones. Some may need modification
of existing headers. Some would be suitable for removal of old headers. Some may not
be releasable at all (though I don't think this applies to anything important, as
those have been rectified in the past). And so forth.

Once I know for sure what to do and that it is safe to release with the required
modifications I will put it up on github. But I can't risk doing ot before we know

So there's the status. Yes the source exists and is not a mirage, JR has seen it :-).

-- Chris

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