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  Re: Where can I change the grid settings?  
From: Stephen
Date: 27 Mar 2011 04:51:38
Message: <4d8efa9a@news.povray.org>
On 26/03/2011 6:53 PM, gregtom6 wrote:
> "gregtom6"<gre### [at] freemailhu>  wrote:
>> Hy all!
>> I have a question. I searched, but I can't find the grid (home grid?) settings,
>> because I need more place for modelling. Thanks for the reply.

I don't think that you can.

> That would be good too, if I could switch off the reflection on the "invisible
> wall", that's on the grid's edge.

Which view are you talking about?
And I don't understand your problem. Can you rephrase it and maybe post 
a screen shot?


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